978.org Certificate Authority

Installing the Certificate

Microsoft Internet Explorer

To install the 978.org Certificate Authority in all recent versions of Internet Explorer, open the URL http://www.978.org/cacert.der with Internet Explorer. A "File Download" dialog will appear, asking what you want to do with cacert.der. Select "Open This File From Its Current Location," then select OK.

A dialog will appear that shows the certificate. Select "Install Certificate." The Certificate Manager Import Wizard will appear. Select "Next". Select "Next" again. Select "Finish." A confirmation dialog will appear. Click "Yes." A message box will appear stating that the certificate has been installed.

Netscape Communicator

To accept the 978.org certificate authority, go to http://www.978.org/cacert.cgi.

A dialog will appear, asking you to verify the certificate. Select Next until you see a page with three or more check boxes that read "Accept this Certificate Authority For...". Check all of them. Then select Next again. Enter "978" for the certificate name and then select Finish.

Certificate Fingerprints

The certificate fingerprint for the *.978.org wildcard certificate used for sites and services run on osiris are as follows:

The certificate fingerprints for the 978.org Certificate Authority are as follows:

Document Signature

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